• Studio 137 bed, stuy, brooklyn, 11206 USA

Sean Pollock's brainchild with Rachel Atkinson and Liz Bynum, "AFLIC", is being workshopped @ Studio 137 in preparation for it's production at the Fresh Fruits Festival! 

Bernie is your typical teenage girl. Except for the fact that wears a swim cap at all times, has an imaginary friend, and a mother named Carol with a delusion that she is mother goose. In Awkward Fornication Leading To Immaculate Conception (otherwise known as AFLIC), Bernie struggles with her love for her classmate Chip by insisting she becomes pregnant after they slow dance together. After Bernie comes to the realization that her pregnancy isn’t legitimate, she begins to unravel--and at the same time, Chip begins to come into his own and realizes who he really is as well. 

May 28th. Viewing at 7:00pm!