It's SALON time again ! 

SALON IX is coming up fast and we've got a whole new set of performers and artists for you at the boom! studio on Monday, December 12th. Come over to our friendly abode for free drinks, entertainment, stimulations, and vibes. Doors to the gallery open at 6pm, performances begin at 8pm. Gallery will stay open until 1030pm. 

Announcing the line-up for SALON IX!

Featuring Installations by Kellen Niemeier

Lantern-Eyes, Light Houses: A Current Work is a painting in time, by definition, existing from when construction ceases until takedown. Striking the show transforms the work from Painting to a collection of artifacts. Lantern-Eyes Light Houses: A Current Work utilizes color theory and environmental design, activating individual minutia, to create an experience that invokes the notion that something’s not quite right. 

Carolyn Gilliam, talks some dope shit.

Chris Hopkins-Ward, takes us on a journey through his on-film orgy experience while filming on set.

Nikolai Mishler, presenting songs from his new musical Oedipus on the Beach.

Ernest Rareberrg, hip hop performance.

Lou Perez, slinging stories from his post five year relationship lifestyle.