NEW ARTIST IN RESIDENCE / by boom theater

boom! is so excited to play host to visual artist Perri Mackenzie! Come check out her new show at SALON V. April 11th! 


Perri Mackenzie was born in Atlanta, GA in 1996. Her family moved to Worthington, OH in 2008. She is currently enrolled in Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY as a second year Associates Painting/Drawing student. As a child she was brought up with a huge emphasis on art. In second grade her mother even hired a tutor to teach her art history. Her artwork won Honorable Mention in The Scholastics art competition of 2012, she held an internship at the McConnell Arts Center her Junior year of High School, a scenic painting internship with Stiegelbauer Associates in the Spring of 2014, and had her art in the Focus On Five show at the McConnell Arts Center. The latest show her artwork was featured in was the Brooklyn Biennial Submissional Show at The Cotton Candy Machine gallery in Williamsburg this past December 2015. Perri is currently working on an installation exhibit, as well as a group show with fellow Associates students, both opening at Pratt in May 2016.