W E L L R E A D / by boom theater

This summer, boom! teamed up with  rappers and performance artists Sir KN8 and Hila the Killa to produce "WELL READ"; a rap video about reading books. 

Here's what cool people are saying:

Pretext Social Club: "[Sir KN8] delv[es] into the fundamental essence of life like a poetic form of Stephen Hawking's A Brief History Of Time...For all who choose to actively listen and discern his casually spun, bopping words, the lyrics toss you down a paradoxical rabbit hole..."

American Pancake: "Sir Kn8 is a gentleman of the Universe's court...he is a prolific speaker inciting the youth to learn things they usually would not give a fuck about if it were not for his blessed delivery and inspiring ability to wrap words together like a balloon animal."

No Smoking Media: "KN8 deals in witticisms and smooth hybrid production with all the same swagger."

1.21 Gigiwatts: "[T]asty beats, fresh funk, wonky sounds, smells, cactus trees, pitch bends, pre-socratic philosophy, space aesthetically and cosmically…songs which are both surreal and relatable."

Watch the video and then crack a book.