OPEN SEASON by boom theater

Please join us for our latest installment of OPEN SEASON ! We will be reading UP NORTH, a new hour long drama pilot from local screenwriter Stephen Day. 

OPEN SEASON is a chance for young television writers to hear their original pilot scripts out loud. It's a celebration of a unique voice and fresh point of view. 

OPEN SEASON is always free; there will be food and refreshments provided. 

Our fantastic cast includes: 
Michael Improta
Jackie Rivera
Tori V. 
Noah Benezra
Collin Meath
Thomas McKean
Sarah Lowe
Brian Bock
Cassandra E. Nwokah
Robert Kompare

SALON XI ! ! ! by boom theater

SALON (2).jpg

boom!s next the SALON is coming quick! New art by Stephen Faillance.

Performances by Ryan Malco, Dance Crew NUU KNYNEZ, Dana Bergwall and more.

Gallery doors open at 6pm, performances start at 8pm, see you there! Free snacks and drinks!

137 marcus garvey boulevard #1
brooklyn, NY, 11206

SALON X ! by boom theater



boom! is celebrating its

T E N T H       S A L O N

Can you believe it? 

Check out the line-up:

Art Installation, Metamorphosis: Come to Me by Kwesi Abbensetts.


Live musical performances, Eden Hana, Paperboy Prince

Storytellers, Emily Reese and Tammi Cubilette,


"the (no)things" by Tim Bell, produced by RAGE productions.

Gallery opens at 6pm with complimentary food and drink. Performances start at 8pm. 

You can check out the Facebook Invite HERE

SALON IX by boom theater


SALON IX is coming up fast and we've got a whole new set of performers and artists for you at the boom! studio on Monday, December 12th. Come over to our friendly abode for free drinks, entertainment, stimulations, and vibes. Doors to the gallery open at 6pm, performances begin at 8pm. Gallery will stay open until 1030pm. 

Announcing the line-up for SALON IX!

Featuring Installations by Kellen Niemeier

Lantern-Eyes, Light Houses: A Current Work is a painting in time, by definition, existing from when construction ceases until takedown. Striking the show transforms the work from Painting to a collection of artifacts. Lantern-Eyes Light Houses: A Current Work utilizes color theory and environmental design, activating individual minutia, to create an experience that invokes the notion that something’s not quite right. 

Carolyn Gilliam, talks some dope shit.

Chris Hopkins-Ward, takes us on a journey through his on-film orgy experience while filming on set.

Nikolai Mishler, presenting songs from his new musical Oedipus on the Beach.

Ernest Rareberrg, hip hop performance.

Lou Perez, slinging stories from his post five year relationship lifestyle.


W E L L R E A D by boom theater

This summer, boom! teamed up with  rappers and performance artists Sir KN8 and Hila the Killa to produce "WELL READ"; a rap video about reading books. 

Here's what cool people are saying:

Pretext Social Club: "[Sir KN8] delv[es] into the fundamental essence of life like a poetic form of Stephen Hawking's A Brief History Of Time...For all who choose to actively listen and discern his casually spun, bopping words, the lyrics toss you down a paradoxical rabbit hole..."

American Pancake: "Sir Kn8 is a gentleman of the Universe's court...he is a prolific speaker inciting the youth to learn things they usually would not give a fuck about if it were not for his blessed delivery and inspiring ability to wrap words together like a balloon animal."

No Smoking Media: "KN8 deals in witticisms and smooth hybrid production with all the same swagger."

1.21 Gigiwatts: "[T]asty beats, fresh funk, wonky sounds, smells, cactus trees, pitch bends, pre-socratic philosophy, space aesthetically and cosmically…songs which are both surreal and relatable."

Watch the video and then crack a book. 



For this edition of OPEN SEASON, we will be featuring two half-hour comedy pilots. 


written by Laura Zlatos

A resident is thrown feet first into a new job at a psychiatric hospital where he soon realizes the staff are nuttier than the patients they treat.

Laura pic.jpg


written by Becca Plunkett and Ellen Steves

Battles for Glory. Battles for Power. Battles with customers; one woman tries to keep a struggling restaurant from going under.     

OPEN SEASON by boom theater

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 6.27.27 PM.png

It's that time again! 

We will be announcing the next round of Open Season pilots this week! 

The Open Season Reading Series is a chance for young television writers to hear their original pilot scripts out loud. 

boom! looks for scripts that have a a strong voice and a unique point of view.

November 15th, 8:00 pm. 


POPPY TATTS SIGN-UP by boom theater

On behalf of the evening's Full Moon, we here at boom! are now releasing a sign-up sheet for Poppy Tatts done on THIS TUESDAY, October 18th at SALON VIII! Only six slots available and three days away!

Email to reserve your spot and preferred time slot between 5pm and 8pm. Only one half hour slot at $50 a session. Hurry now, time is of the essence!

Attached are designs to choose from done by Check out her work! IT'S TIME TO GET INKED!

SALON VIII by boom theater

It's time for SALON again! on Tuesday, October 18th, 2016, we will be opening our doors to you for a night of performance, visual art, and body modifications! 

Our visual artist, Marcus Leslie, will be premiering his brand-new visual installation, PAGES.


Don't miss it! 


AND THE WINNERS ARE: by boom theater

- For this round of OPEN SEASON, we have picked two writers with strong, unique voices and a passionate point of view -

Nora Sørena Casey’s full-length plays include Take the Car (Williamstown Theatre Festival) and Not Afraid (PowerOut), about a death-metal bloggerThe New York Times called “the kind of weirdo we want to root for.” A frequent collaborator with The Motor Company, her site-specific plays includeDerek and the SheepIntimate Bar Plays, and Absolutely Somewhere. Nora is an Artistic Producer of PowerOut and the 2016 Playwright-In-Residence with Athena Theatre Company’s Athena Writes.

She will be presenting her pilot, "THE RINGER"

Cecilia Copeland is a member of the League of Professional Theatre Women, an inductee into the Indie Theater Hall of Fame, winner of the Lennis J. Holm Scholarship at the Writers Workshop, and recipient of a Special Effects Grant from Metro Screen Australia. She is a Kilroy’s List Nominee and Honorable mention for her plays, Light of Night and “R Culture.” Her plays have been presented in New York at the Cherry Lane Theatre, Culture Project, Ensemble Studios Theatre, The Lower East Side Festival of the Arts, and HERE Arts Center among others. Internationally her plays have been presented at The Anarchist Theatre Festival Montreal, The Gun Control Plays Project in Sydney Australia, and featured in the Verlag Textbook on American Drama in Germany. She has been published by the Playwrights Center for Women Writers, NoPassport Press and Amazon. Copeland is the Founding Artistic Director of New York Madness, which has produced over two hundred short plays in over thirty “madness” festivals all over New York from 2010-2016. 

Cecilia will be presenting her pilot, "WOMG JUST CRUZ'N"



SALON VII by boom theater


This SALON is special, in that we will be hosting a pop-up shop throughout the day, with performances at 7:00pm! 

Celebrate the end of the summer with us!


CALL FOR ENTRIES by boom theater

boom! is so excited to announce our next project: the Open Season pilot reading series. We are looking for cutting-edge scripts with unique, strong voices and a fresh point of view. Winning scripts will receive free rehearsal and performance space, and will premiere their scripts on either September 26th or November 14th, 2016.

Only New York based writers are eligible for Open Season.

Submit scripts HERE ! 

SALON VI by boom theater


Our next SALON is coming up and we've got a great line-up as well as an amazing Installation by Anoush Froundjian.

Grab a beer, see some art, laugh at some comedy, have a conversation, and call it a good night!

Hummingbird Day
Carolyn Gilliam
Lacy Allen
Megan and her ukelele
Molly Horan
Will Lee
Justin McElwee

Password to get in: MONSTER

NEW ARTIST IN RESIDENCE! by boom theater

boom! is so lucky to have Anoush Froundjian taking over our studio! You can check out her new installation @ SALON VI

June 17th!


Anoush Froundjian is a writer, illustrator and performer, who has finally gotten comfortable with her first name. When she isn't telling stories, she draws her online comic, "Anoush Talks to Stuff," and designs clothing with her own monster illustrations. Please stop by! 

MEET SEAN! by boom theater

boom! is thrilled to be working with artist and playwright Sean Pollock ! ! !

Sean will be workshopping his collaboration, "AFLIC" @ Studio 137 on May 28th.

Sean will be workshopping his collaboration, "AFLIC" @ Studio 137 on May 28th.

Sean Pollock is a Brooklyn-based writer, director, creator, artist, photographer and performance artist from Mountain Lakes, New Jersey. He is a graduate of Ithaca College with a BA in Theatre Studies and Writing, as well as an alumni of the National Theatre Institute Theatremarkers Program at the Eugene O Neil Theatre.

Prior to moving to New York, he served as the founder and Artistic Director of the Macabre Theatre Ensemble, a theatre company dedicated to creating horror, horror-comedy, science fiction and experimental work in Ithaca, NY.  He currently serves at the Literary Manager for Playlight Theatre Company, operates as CFO for Buckshot Productions/Buckshot Corporate Players, and is affiliated with many other theatre groups all over NYC.

Selected directing credits include: Great American Novel (Kitchen Theatre) AssassinsLittle Shop of Horrors, Carrie: The Musical (US College Premiere) and The Receptionist among countless others. His playwriting work has been
 presented by The Dirty Blondes, Bad Theatre Festival, The Village Playwrights and Macabre Theatre Ensemble.

Other interests and hobbies include vintage photography, watching horror movies from the 70’s, singing in elevators and bowling.

You can find out more about him by clicking here

BREAK TIME! by boom theater

After two successful shows (DRINKING WINE WITH ANGRY PEOPLE and THIN MINTS) and four SALONS, we here at boom! theater are taking a bit of a breather. We have some big news in the works for the summer and beyond, but for now, we're gonna kick back with a beer. We hope you do the same! 

After two successful shows (DRINKING WINE WITH ANGRY PEOPLE and THIN MINTS) and four SALONS, we here at boom! theater are taking a bit of a breather. We have some big news in the works for the summer and beyond, but for now, we're gonna kick back with a beer. We hope you do the same!